Discover Dubai and VIP desert safari deals

Have you ever thought it would be fun to be a Bedouin Desert safari camp in Dubai, Stroll through the deserts on the camels, dressed in these floating dresses, through the moving dunes … Yes, it could be fun. But these dunes can be a lot more fun if you’re in a luxury SUV, like a Toyota Land Cruiser, riding up and down the dunes like a roller coaster! This is the famous dubbing, an experience that you simply cannot leave if you are in Dubai. Once you have completed the 30 minutes adrenaline rush, you can calm down and see the immense beauty of a desert during sunset. The golden sands and dunes will be bathed in shades that will make them look like the Thousand and One Nights, mysterious and dangerous. Once you have the images printed in your mind – and your camera, just in case – you can see what it’s like to be a real Bedouin! Of course, there will be camels for those who can master something that needs skills, once back to camp Get VIP desert safari Dubai

Then, it’s time to relax, in the traditional way – on AC Majlis in VIP desert safari tour, or cushions down, in Bedouin tents. Of course, your dinner will be a bit more elaborate than the traditional Bedouin fair. A sumptuous traditional Arabic barbecue will await you, with all the frills – coffee and dates that are an integral part of the tradition, as well as a delicious dinner buffet and dessert. If you really want to get into the spirit of things, you can also dress the Bedouin style with henna, a temporary tattoo that does not have piercing or needles, and sits and smoke the sheesha, also called water hose and comes in different flavours. Entertainment is provided by belly dancers, who will dance to the beautiful melodies of traditional Arabic music. You can watch and marvel, or try your hand – or belly – too if you feel up to it. After the excitement of the Groupon Desert safari deals in Dubai, the city of Dubai becomes the perfect place to relax. The city has a wide variety of Dubai hotels offering accommodation and comfort to the tourists. Five-star hotels are plentiful in the city and finding a luxury hotel in Dubai, offering top-notch facilities and services, has proven to be very easy.

We did the red dunes of Dubai’s extreme BBQ, camel, hawk, sand boarding, and VIP camp, and it was the most amazing experience for us. Our guide Andy was very on point with a lot of information as we drove to the dunes. Pick up was on time and he was always in constant communication with us, John was an excellent driver and he also hooked us up with great photos that we will remember. This was our first time in Dubai and I had trained this online tour to get your guide. May I say that those traveling to Dubai, you must do this tour – The visitors finished the camel sunset followed by an amazing and entertaining night of traditional dance, food, bird show, henna and so much more and the views are breath-taking, Andy Our guide went beyond making sure we were safe, comfortable and met our needs professionally, I cannot thank him enough for the exceptional service, informative guide and the best experiences of my life! We will definitely be back Dubai desert safari tickets