Everything You Need to Know About Koh Mook, Thailand

Koh Mook, also known as Ko Muk and Koh Muk, is a quiet fishing island in Thailand’s the Andaman Sea. It’s not known as a large touristed region, meaning that it’s perfect for backpackers or people who want an authentic travel experience. In order to get there, you’ll have to go by boat, since the island has no airport. However, the trip is well worth it, especially when you get to experience everything that Koh Mook has to offer. Here’s everything that you need to know about this hidden gem of a Thai island.

Spend Some Time On Sivalai Beach

Imagine clear blue water and a very pristine white sand beach. That sounds exactly like Sivalai Beach. This beach is one of the highlights of Koh Mook. There’s also an aptly named Sivalai Beach Resort located nearby, meaning that you can enjoy every relaxing moment that the beach has to offer and then walk up to your lodgings for the evening. Thankfully, the beach is open to the public, so you don’t have to stay in the resort in order to enjoy it. Part of the beach is called The Wing. This is a built-up point that provides you with a nice view of the mountains of Koh Mook.

Visit Emerald Cove

One of the things that Koh Mook is best known for is Emerald Cove. The cove, also known as Tham Morakot, is a natural cave system that you actually have to swim through to get to the solid rock on the other side. Yes, you read that right – the entrance to the cave is completely underwater. This not only makes for a unique experience, but it makes the rest of the cave exploration completely worth it. The Emerald Cove is popular with tourists, and you do have to sign up for a tour to enter it. Otherwise, you could end up getting hurt or lost.

Don’t Forget About Charlie Beach

Charlie Beach (and its resort of the same name) is another place that you need to visit while on Koh Mook. This beach is located even closer to the jungle that pervades on the island, and you’ll get to see some wildlife while relaxing near the water. This beach is also home to a must-visit restaurant – Koyow Restaurant. Koyow specializes in natural cuisine made from things harvested on the island. This includes fruit and other treats. You can actually sit in the restaurant and stare out at the beach and the water. What a relaxing time!

Stop at the Fishing Villages

There are quite a few fishing villages located on Koh Mook. In fact, the island is known for them. While you don’t want to go and gawk at the wooden houses built up on stilts and the many fishing boats, you do want to spend some time exploring these areas. You’ll find that the people living in the villages are quite friendly, and are somewhat used to tourists “invading” their way of life. You might even find a few small restaurants in the villages. There’s nothing quite like extremely fresh seafood. What else would you expect from a fishing village?

Shop at the Muslim Trading Posts

The island of Koh Mook is mostly inhabited by people of the Muslim religion. This means that you do want to dress conservatively when you’re not on the beach, and you should behave with decorum and respect their religious customs. Also, there are plenty of small Muslim trading posts on the island. These are the perfect place to get souvenirs that you won’t find elsewhere. Some examples included hand-carved wooden objects and things made from seashells and hollowed out coconuts. You’d be surprised at the extent of their craftsmanship!

Visit the “Downtown” Area of Baan Koh Mook

Baan Koh Mook is one of the largest villages on the island. It has a small street filled with shops, restaurants, and things to do and see. You definitely want to check out the marketplace, which offers fresh fruits and vegetables, as well as potential souvenirs. It’s an open market, filled with a variety of goods sold by some vendors. You also want to check out the restaurants in this area. All of them are small, but they offer very authentic cuisine made from locally grown and harvested foods. You’ll be amazed at how good everything will taste.

The island of Koh Mook is not exactly designed for tourists, but it does have some resorts and even a village that caters to them. Many of the island’s residents are just trying to live their lives, which revolve around fishing and other ways to make a living. As long as you respect them, you’ll have a good time on Koh Mook. It isn’t like any other place in Thailand.

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