The islands of Antigua and Barbuda are known for its beauty, friendly people and amazing climate. It is a nation of colors and it can be the destination to build a home in. The country is full of beaches; it has around 365 beaches which would be one beach for each day.

The country offers a variety of exciting activities that you could do along with your family when you are on a holiday. It has exotic hiking trails, underwater playgrounds and National parks having the most beautiful species of birds from all around the world.

The country has low humidity which makes its climate even better. It rains about 39 inches per the year. September and November are the months which receive the most rainfalls however; it gets the coolest between December and February.

Scuba diving, snorkeling, jet-skiing, fishing, sailing and kayaking are some of the activities which would help you to make the most of spending quality time with your family.

The country is full of cultural heritage and you would find a lot of beautiful places which date back to 19th century or older. The St. John’s Cathedral is an Anglican Church which was constructed in 19th century is one of the most famous places that people visit from all around the world.

The national sport of Antigua and Barbuda is Cricket so if you are a cricket lover then this country will be a cricket heaven for you. Moreover, there are no language barriers and the national language of the country is English.

Antigua and Barbuda has very strong community values and the people are very much attentive to the needs of each other. The cost of living isn’t high and it is very much affordable. One can purchase a 2,372 sq ft. home near to the beaches for around $276,000. The properties are built in a communal gates manner and usually consist of three bedrooms and two bathrooms along with a large dining area and a luxurious living room. This comes with a well-furnished kitchen and a beautiful garden area.

Also one could get a 3,200 sq ft. 3-bedroom and 3-bathroom house for $725,000 in the capital of Antigua. It would come with a beautiful view of the ocean and the mountains. The tropical trees and the natural shrubs will just make you and your family fall in love with this place.

Lalani & Associates providing you a program which would make it easier for you to apply and become a citizen of this beautiful place. With the Antigua and Barbuda Citizenship Program it is possible to make Antigua and Barbuda your home place.

The Antigua and Barbuda investor program is an easy process which would give you the Antigua and Barbuda passport, after which you can visa-free travel to approximately 130 countries including UK, Canada and different countries of the Schengen zone.

There are certain investment requirements which must be met for an individual to become eligible:

  • The applicant must purchase a property having the worth of at least US $400,000 in a pre-approved development area. The additional charges including the tax, property fee must be paid along with the purchase. The investment must be held for 5 years.
  • Or an applicant can make a donation to the National Donation Fund amounting to US$ 250,000 for a family

The Government of Antigua and Barbuda has made some changes to the Limited Time offer and instead of real estate, an applicant can also make a donation to the National Development Fund (NDF), established by the government, which is $ 100,000 for single applicant or a family of four. The offer is valid for the family consisting only four persons any additional family member will pay the normal fees.

The process at the very start will take 1-2 months and also that depends on the client responsiveness. After the first stage is completed the passport will be given in 3-6 months which will depend on the CIU’s approval and settlement of investment.

For further updates on the Antigua and Barbuda Citizenship by Investment program, visit our website, grab the opportunity and start your immigration process to Immigrate to Antigua and Barbuda.