Going for an Unplanned Trip to Delhi via Mumbai? Here are Ways to Book Flight Tickets Online in a Last Minute

You usually book flights months before the planned trip in order to save money. However, you sometimes crave for spontaneous travels. The problem about it thought is that you are not sure whether there are still seats available on your chosen airline. And if there is, that seat is probably expensive. If you don’t want to sacrifice your budget for a spontaneous trip, then you might find these tips to book Mumbai to Delhi flight tickets online valuable.

Utilize Google Flights

Google Flights can help you find the cheapest flight. You can use it to match and compare fares from many different airports to your destination. For open-ended destinations (i.e., “anywhere with a hotel”), you can select the most cost-effective location. To get affordable flights in Google Flights, choose airports and travel dates, and scan the map. It will also show you many destinations based on your travel interests and dates.

 Mobile and Web Applications

Other than Google Flights, you can find many websites and mobile applications that can help you get last-minute flight deals. These applications can help travelers look for the best flights by inputting data like travel dates, destination, etc. Some apps are even designed solely for the purpose of searching for last minute flights. Here are some apps and websites that can help you look for the best last minute deals.

  • Yatra: This is a mobile app that helps travelers analyze travelling options and the right dates to book tickets. The user inputs the required information and Yatra creates predictions on price changes and shows the best time the user can book a flight.


  • Travelzoo: Employing over 250 or more experts to find you the best travel deals, Travelzoo is great for searching last minute flights. Not only that, the website and its mobile app counterpart is also an excellent choice for searching travel packages and other special deals.


  • Skyscanner: This is a website created by three IT professionals after one of them realized that it was very difficult to find affordable flights to ski resorts. Coupled with its mobile app counterpart, Skyscanner lets travelers check fares based on time. When users choose a flight, they have the option to book it or, if they want to get a better deal, sign up for fare alerts should the prices drop.

You can find more travel aggregator mobile and web applications. These tools can be valuable when you look for last minute flights. You can also use these applications if you want to look into other deals for travelling.

2.Follow Airline Companies on Social Media Sites

Many airline companies have social media accounts, usually Twitter, to reach out to many travelers. They advertise many bang-for-the-buck deals in their accounts such as promo deals, discounts, and last minute deals.

Here are some Indian airline companies and their Twitter handles.

  • IndiGo@IndiGo6E
  • AirAsia India – @AirAsia_IN
  • Air India – @airindiain
  • SpiceJet – @flyspicejet
  • GoAir – @goairlinesindia

Be sure to follow them, so you don’t miss out promos and last minute deals. You may even contact them through social media for any concerns that you may have.

3.Sign Up for Newsletters

If you travel a lot, chances are you have already subscribed to many airline newsletters. But frequent flier or not, you really should subscribe to newsletters; these are mostly free, and they allow you to read about their latest deals. Also, travel aggregator sites and apps have monthly newsletters, so don’t miss out on their new content.

4.Look for Travel Bundle Deals

Using the aforementioned websites and mobile apps, you can search for bundle deals. Although they are more expensive than an airfare, bundles will include a hotel room, rental car, and activities to do and places to visit. These can cut the total cost of your unplanned trip, making your last-minute travel economic.

5.Be Flexible

The most important thing you need to do when booking last minute flights is to be flexible. You have to remember that your flight is spontaneous, and sometimes there are not many options left for you to choose. Be flexible about your flight time, the airport you fly from, and your destination. For the latter, it does not necessarily mean that you shouldn’t go to your actual destination, but rather land to an airport near to the city you want to travel and get there via rental car or public transportation. This will turn your trip into an adventure as you catch a glimpse of your destination’s next-door neighbor.


With these tips and tricks, you no longer have to worry about booking last minute flights. You can enjoy the spontaneity of unplanned trips and even get affordable deals that can make your trip more awesome.