Star Trek versus modern living spaces

Any Trekkie will know that the quarters on board a star fleet ship vary according to the rank of the personnel using them. The accommodation may vary from a shared bunk facility to a personal suite that has its own private bathroom, bedroom and living room along with food replicators and a desk (office space). The latter are probably the most luxurious of the quarters available and a maid service is obviously a given as no one is ever seen either tidying their quarters or living in a messy space.

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This is where a parallel can be drawn with one of the newer concepts in the paid for accommodation. Bristol, London, Manchester, Birmingham Serviced Apartment providers such as offer a place to stay for a given period of time that has the comforts of home but with the luxury of service provided in a hotel.

Privacy is definitely something that is lacking aboard a starship. It appears anyone can press the intercom and ask to be let into your quarters and those with access rights the senior officers, captain and security team can simply type in the code to enter your room. Not exactly what you want if you are trying to relax in the bath after a hard day negotiating with the Klingons.

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All the officer’s rooms looked like they were staying in a luxury hotel, this was certainly true of the Next Generation Starship Enterprise. With food and drink replicators on tap and comfy beds with a nice view of Space, not even Kirk got a window! Some thought that the rough and tumble of the original series was muted. Not that that the crew noticed. This was a team that only seemed to wear their uniforms unless the situation demanded something different. Looking at the cabin its hard to make out where the put their clothes. Even Captain Picard had the same sized berth. No special perks for him. The most notable change from the original series is the carpets, The Next Gen ship as completely fitted out with them, even in engineering there was a nice shag pile on the floor. Surely that was a fire risk, but by then, perhaps it was completely flame retardant.

One thing to remember about the Next Gen series is that the ship was larger and had a longer mission time. The original was due to be out for 5 years whereas the Next Gen was due to be out for 10. On the new ship as the crew members were going to be away for so long families were included on the trip. Therefore, it’s easier to see why there was a much more lavish approach. The enterprise needed to be more homily. Live long and prosper Enterprise crew.